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Combining the exquisite flavors of sushi and Japanese cuisine with tantalizing selection of sushi, sashimi, grilled steaks, and more.




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What is a hot lava stone grill?

Cafe Icon is the first restaurant in the great city of Edmond, Oklahoma to present the unique, delicious & healthy interactive dining experience of The Black Rock Lava Stone Grill.

The lava stone is made from the stones that originate from inside a volcano. The stones are heated to 824° F in our specially designed black rock ovens.

You can enjoy a meal freshly prepared and cooked to your personal taste on our lava stone at your table.

hot lava stone grill with steak and shrimp
Robert TreadwellRobert Treadwell
01:06 30 Sep 23
Has good selection of fresh fish. Enjoyed our time as always.
01:17 28 Sep 23
Really great. The owner is the nicest and so accommodating. The sushi was amazing. We had some avocado that was REALLy hard and we thought it was asparagus because it was so hard- but honestly because of the season that’s not uncommon and easily missed when you’re making sushi. Every other time we’ve been the food has been outstanding and far above anything else ever had in oklahoma. The wait staff at an attentive and they accommodated any request.
Paige MoatsPaige Moats
14:13 23 Sep 23
Darrin EzellDarrin Ezell
15:39 20 Sep 23
I have been there a few times. Now, when the wait staff approach my table for the first time, they bring my preferred drink without asking. (Tea, but still they remember)The printed menu is great, Take a look at the digital version. It goes on forever. Almost any combination you can imagine.I sometimes linger talking with friends. I have never felt pressured to finish.
Madison CrenshawMadison Crenshaw
23:25 18 Sep 23
Melba KnightMelba Knight
07:03 18 Sep 23
Christine LuteChristine Lute
22:26 17 Sep 23
Amazing! Very knowledgeable and friendly! ❤
Mishelleen MecoyMishelleen Mecoy
00:57 14 Sep 23
Delicious food and take out service was fast and easy
Summer HillSummer Hill
00:15 09 Sep 23
Best sushi that I’ve had in Oklahoma. Fresh fish flown in multiple times weekly. Will be back.
Smokey SolisSmokey Solis
01:33 08 Sep 23
To be honest, I think anyone not giving this place a 5 star review is just being salty. To start, my waiter, Jake, was very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. He had great recommendations and served us very well. The fish is flown in daily from Hawaii and you can definitely tell. I had the sushi 6 piece sampler and the fish was absolutely the best fish you can get in Oklahoma. I told Jake to just pick two rolls for me and dannnggg, they were good. I don’t remember what they were but one had apple in it and it was very refreshing and definitely something I’ll have again after a hot summer day. The prices are high, but you get what you pay for. It’s 100 percent worth it! I’ll be back, it’s my new favorite place!
By far our favorite Sushi place in the Metro. Patrick is a superstar in his craft. Whether you like Raw, Veggie or cooked this is your place to go. Ask them Bout their specials that day. You won't be disappointed!
MacKenzi VernerMacKenzi Verner
13:35 26 Aug 23
Carson CrullCarson Crull
02:04 14 Aug 23
5 star experience, one of the best restaurants around. The special rolls are always amazing, love the Titan and Spicy Lion!
E CG (TrainYogaXR)E CG (TrainYogaXR)
19:21 12 Aug 23
Updated post:We have continued choosing Cafe Icon as the only sushi restaurant we prefer! Plus, we have introduced several friends who also appreciate the food selections, presentations, and customer service! Dine in, Take out, and Delivery... We have done it all.Previous post:Sushi lovers delight!The food is made as detailed and delectable as ever! We've introduced several friends to join us and suggested Cafe Icon in conversation based on the customer service, quality in the food, and continued overall dining experience. The ambiance is inviting and the staff makes the interactions quite memorable.The meat is well selected to create the most enjoyable dishes.If you are looking for quality cuts, look no further. The owner and staff are ready for their patrons to experience sushi with a variety of meats. Tonight was no exception. We tried the Rainbow Sampler, and was surprised our picky teenager attempted sushi! Yes, it was that great!If you are reading this, get in a vehicle and head to Cafe Icon for food you'll never forget.
Josh DiehlJosh Diehl
01:23 12 Aug 23
Nice spot...real 🍣
Clay FranklinClay Franklin
00:37 12 Aug 23
They have the best sushi in OKC. Seriously, all the rave for Sushi Neko is insane compared to food quality here. Had the Titan Roll (the best). Gold digger was excellent as well. We will find our way back here, no doubt.
Amy MullenAmy Mullen
01:12 10 Aug 23
Always the best place for fresh fish! Patrick has grown an awesome business!
Tyler EssaryTyler Essary
18:51 05 Aug 23
We got the Titan and a custom one covered with cheese my wife created with the waiter.Service was awesome, just listen and they will help you order and tell you what is fresh.Food was really good, high-quality ingredients. The fish was fresh.It was a bit pricey but with it for an awesome dining experience.
Tina RossTina Ross
18:50 06 Jul 23
Waiter Jake and the owner Patrick were very friendly, knowledgeable, and hospitable! We loved it!
Dave RandoDave Rando
17:08 18 Jun 23
This restaurant consistently hits a home run every single time. They have the best wait staff, cooks and the owner is great. The vibes are awesome. I always walk out feeling relaxed. The food is fantastic. I can’t say enough about this place. Just try it for yourself, you will be glad you did.
Ashli RandoAshli Rando
16:59 18 Jun 23
This sushi 😍 everything we ordered here was AMAZING. The staff was so caring and friendly. The owner stopped by our table and talked to us. The environment is just unbeatable. You HAVE to try this place. Come support a small business that truly goes above and beyond.
Cafe Icon Sushi & Grill has something for everyone. If you aren’t into sushi, they have cooled items. Service is top notch! And be sure to check out the dessert tray! The lemon berry cake is delicious!
John EricJohn Eric
01:38 13 May 23
The atmosphere, food, presentation, and service are excellent. Well worth the price. Jade was an amazing server.
Kent ScribnerKent Scribner
23:18 14 Mar 23
The restaurant says the fish is flown in fresh. I can taste that.I started with egg rolls and miso soup. The egg rolls were very tasty. The miso was not my favorite.My main was a dragon roll. Excellent construction. Excellent flavor. This was a wonderful example of sushi.
Jerry E.Jerry E.
16:49 04 Mar 23
Really liked this place. We don't do sushi much overall but I think we know when things are "good". This place nails it all. Friendly waitstaff had solid recommendations and knew the menu. The Menu has something for everyone and staff was patient and willing to answer questions. If you don't want the sushi, you can get a steak or other fare. It all looked great. Presentation was just as important to staff as quality Food came out as was appropriate and the wait wasn't even close to a problem. We'll be back for sure.
Kinber RobertsKinber Roberts
17:13 22 May 22
Let me start this review with great atmosphere and thank heavens for Colby. (I didn’t know it then but this pleasant young man would save our evening.)My husband loves sushi and I don’t lol. I’ve been wanting to branch out and hated my decision after already being seated- funny huh 😂… now my energy must have just been loud as I sat there silently grumbling at the choices on the menu. We were guided to also look at their QR code menu for even more options which do include non fish items. Colby took his time to genuinely listen to my concerns about eating raw fish. I took a huge leap of faith last night and went with his professional suggestion.(He’s been working there for two years) I LOVED the Steak Roll and couldn’t believe it. My husband was happy with his choice and impressed with me being satisfied with mine. Patrick the owner was there watching over things and gave us a friendly wave. So overall this was a great place even for someone not coming in with the greatest attitude.Clean spaces With Friendly faces
Mr. GoldenbergMr. Goldenberg
03:03 09 May 22
Cafe Icon did an awesome job catering for a birthday party we had this evening. Their sushi is always very tasty and fresh. The presentation on the party platters was like beautiful artwork. But most importantly, the owners care about their business and care about the people they serve. Great customer service!If you haven’t been to Cafe Icon yet, check them out!
Ashley ThorntonAshley Thornton
06:53 09 Apr 22
Very delicious and high quality sushi. My favorite is the kaboom. Edamame is always delicious too. We did a fish sampler too and loved it as well. Patrick the owner is so nice and staff is always friendly and knowledgeable about menu items.
Ashli RAshli R
15:53 20 Mar 22
The only place in Oklahoma I will get sushi or seafood from. So delicious. If you’re looking for both quality food and a quality experience, this is your place. Great place for a date. The crab cakes are unbelievable and topped with their sweet sauce. Just go try it!